SECUR-ED Demonstration Paris
Evaluate the protection of :
- An interchange node against different attacks (explosive, toxic/chemical and radioactive)
- Network and IT systems against cyber attack by using daily security capacities and dedicated devices." ... Read More »
SECUR-ED Demonstration Berlin
Implement standard and emergency operating procedures, field level security plans and decision making model for threat, emergency & crisis situations
Execution of security awareness training programmes for: - Passengers, Front-line and Security employees
- Operators in control centres, Security managers, decision makers ... Read More »
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SECUR-ED Demonstration Milan
Identification and tracking of suspicious passenger
Vehicle protection in the depot/yard
Reaction & event management for three situation levels
- Alert / alarm / crisis
Procedural coordination of different stakeholders ... Read More »
SECUR-ED Demonstration Madrid
Identification of priority tasks and procedures
Interoperable Incident Management tool shared between operators
CCTV system
- Interoperability of solutions coming from different operators
- On board systems operation (for urban & suburban night buses)
Communication between Control Centres ... Read More »



The SECUR-ED Project is a demonstration project with an objective to provide a set of tools to improve urban transport security. Participants include all the major stakeholders from across Europe.


Based on best practices, SECUR-ED will integrate a consistent, interoperable mix of technologies and processes, covering all aspects; from risk assessment to complete training packages. These solutions will also reflect the very diverse environment of mass transportation and also considers societal and legacy concerns.

SECUR-ED’s rationale is to create a global European improvement in mass transportation security through the development of packaged modular solutions validated through the demonstrations (4 in total plus additional satellite demonstrations). These solutions are aimed to be used on transport systems in the medium and large sized cities of Europe.


Recent News

New public summaries of the SECUR-ED deliverables are now available for download!

The new SECUR-ED public summaries can be found also in the Downloads section of the… Read More »

New public summaries of the SECUR-ED deliverables are now available for download!

The new SECUR-ED public summaries can be found also in the Downloads section of the… Read More »

SECUR-ED participating in TRA 2014

The project was presented during the Transport and Research Arena 2014 (TRA) between14… Read More »

Upcoming Events

Event Date: 17/09/2014
SECUR-ED Final conference
Event Date: 23/09/2014 - 26/09/2014