New public summaries of the SECUR-ED deliverables are now available for download!

The new deliverables and  public summaries can be found also in the Downloads section of the website.


D01.8 Ethical Management report (Period P2)

This document provides a status of all the ethical aspects treated within SECUR-ED, during the second project period (April 2012 to July 2013). Starting from what is written in the Grant Agreement, several improvements have been made during period P1 in order to better address the ethical and societal issues which might become critical in a security demonstration project and are scrutinized by the European Commission. Click here to read the full public summary


D22.4 Interoperability Semantics

The deliverable offers a semantic definition of common tasks, roles, functionalities, and locations in order to describe the security aspects of a communication hub in a clear way. Besides this definition, the main deliverable of this task also delivers a software tool. The software tool, aptly named RED (for Requirements Editor and Designer) in which we can define the scenarios, user roles and stories in a clear and concise way, as well as describe the high-level architecture using the interoperability notation of D22.2 “Interoperability Notation”. Click here to read the full public summary


D33.3 Video Analytics functionalities (technology bricks) and interfaces

The deliverable D33.3 “Video analytics functionalities and interface” consists in pre-integrated video analytics functionalities (detection, identification and tracking, functions, forensic, etc.), and associated performances and interfaces. The present document provides the assessment of the functionalities achieved (technology bricks) in terms of interfaces, performance and conditions of use for demonstrations. Click here to read the full public summary


D37.2 Decision support model for crisis management

This document summarises for public transport operators (PTOs) the state of the art on computer based decision support systems (DSS) for crisis and disaster management. It identifies that there are very few decision support systems in the field of transportation underlining the need for such a system applicable to PTO operational needs. Click here to read the full public summary


D42.3 Integration for Madrid Demonstration

The aim of this document is to describe integration activities for the different capacities to be demonstrated in Madrid showing how they will address the objectives of different security scenarios within the SECUR-ED project and how they will follow the architecture guidelines presented by WP41 (“Architecture and Interoperability”) when possible. Click here to read the full public summary


D43.3 Integration for Paris demonstration

This deliverable D43.3 “Integration for Paris demonstration” is intended to describe the integration of the various equipment that will be installed and tested during the Paris demonstration, from the control room, wherefrom the different supervision roles will be played, to the six stations involved in the scenarios, as well as the relevant bus and metro lines. Click here to read the full public summary


D45.1 Detailed Scenarios for Berlin Demonstration

This deliverable describes the Scenarios that will be developed in Berlin as part of the SECUR-ED project in European Commission Framework Programme 7th. At the Berlin demonstration of the SECUR-ED project, the focus will not be on technology but on providing security training for employees. Click here to read the full public summary


D45.2 Functional specifications for Berlin demonstration

Scenarios 1,2,3,5 which are part of the global Berlin demonstration do not require any detailed functional specifications. Therefore, D45.2 is restricted to the two “complex scenarios” which are not direct implementations of the training programmes in WP38 (scenario 4 “Execution of training programmes for operators in control centres” and scenario 6 “Execution of emergency and crisis preparedness training programmes”). Click here to read the full public summary


D45.3 Integration specifications for Berlin demonstration

The deliverable includes integration specifications and the development of the specific training programmes when needed. In its first part, the deliverable outlines the target groups of the demonstrations and their tasks within DB. The second part describes all necessary procedures necessary in order to prepare and to execute all Berlin demonstrations. It includes the translation work of the lesson plans, all relevant processes of coordinating the demonstration and all the organisational work. Click here to read the full public summary


D51.3 Coordination Report

This deliverable D51.3 is aiming at coordinating the experimentations of WP53 “Satellite demonstrations”. The work has been performed in conjunction with both the WP53 leader and the SP5 leader The coordination activities will act in proactive mode by an adequate crosschecking of different demonstration activities, in order to identify synergies and common solutions as well as to share experiences. Click here to read the full public summary

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