Meeting of the SECUR-ED Advisory Groups: Preparing the Analysis of the SECUR-ED Flagship Demonstrations and their Impact

The 4th SECUR-ED Advisory Groups (AG) meeting took place on the 20th of November 2013 in Hamburg, organized by UITP with the kind support of Hamburger Hochbahn, the local public transport operator, , and UNIFE. All of the SECUR-ED Advisory Groups – Public Transport Operators and Authorities (PTOA), Law Enforcement and First Responders (LEFR), Industry and Ethical and Societal Issues– met on this occasion in order to analyse the detailed description of the demonstration scenarios and the allocation of capacities, in order to prepare the demonstrations that started towards the end of 2013.

During the morning session Yves Perreal, SECUR-ED Project Coordinator, gave an update of the results achieved in the project. These comprise: the finalization of the SECUR-ED toolkit – a set of procedures, technologies and trainings developed in order to enhance security in the public transport environment; the feedback on the first demonstration scenarios from the SECUR-ED flagship demonstrations; the final preparations for the SECUR-ED flagship demonstrations. The second presentation concentrated on the methodology used by the SECUR-ED project partners in order to analyze and assess the impact of the security solutions used during the demonstrations. On this occasion Christian Carling, the leader of this task, kindly requested the support of the AG experts in the assessment of the SECUR-ED demonstrations along the indicated lines.

Subsequently, the expert groups met separately in short break-out sessions in order to discuss a number of topics relevant for the project developments:

  • AG PTOA analyzed and commented on the risk assessment software tool developed by project partners in order to help PTOs run better risk analysis;
  • AG LEFR discussed the characteristics and challenges of vandalism phenomena (mostly graffiti) in public transport in the different EU countries;
  • Ethical and societal aspects of both the demonstrations and the possible implementation of SECUR-ED solutions in real-life conditions were analyzed by the AG ETHICAL members;
  • AG INDUSTRY focused on the analysis of the SECUR-ED flagship demonstration according to the criteria outlined by the SECUR-ED consortium partners.

A second set of break-out sessions reunited the PTOA and LEFR, respectively the ETHICAL and INDUSTRY groups. While the first break-out session focused the various challenges and implications of vandalism (especially graffiti) in public transport networks, the second one discussed the challenges posed by the respect of the privacy and data protection legislation to the European industrial manufacturers.

After the AG chair persons presented the conclusions of their groups following the previous debates, all AG members were invited by UITP and Thales representatives to participate during the SECUR-ED main demonstrations.

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