SECUR-ED Present during IT-TRANS

The SECUR-ED project developments and findings were presented during IT-TRANS 2014, the biggest congress and exhibition dedicated to IT solutions in Public Transport. The event took place on 1-20 February 2014, its main topic was SECUR.IT.Y., and was attended by numerous representatives of public transport operators (PTOs), manufacturing companies, authorities, as well as subject matter experts.

Given the security focus of the event, information on the SECUR-ED developments and their practical implementations was presented in various sessions:

  • Nelson Escravana (INECO) presented during the “Cyber Security – the big unknown” session (Wednesday, 19 February 2014) the achievements to date of the SECUR-ED project in the area of cyber security. The cyber security topics from the Paris and Lisbon SECUR-ED demonstration had been analyzed on this occasion. The most important topic was development within SECUR-ED of a business process based on the Intrusion Detection system, which monitors operations in order to detect anomalies. In the panel discussion that followed two other SECUR-ED partners – Thomas Kritzer, Wiener Linien & Chairman of the UITP Security Commission and Jean-Luc Planchet, RATP – presented a number of updates regarding cyber security protection, including some first conclusions drawn from the SECUR-ED project.


  • During the session “IT and PT security -the possibilities are endless” (Wednesday, 19 February 2014) Tomas Melero (CRTM) and Andrea Soehnchen (UITP) discussed the IT solutions tested through the SECUR-ED project that can/will help improve communication between PT stakeholders while at the same time mitigating the effects of a security incident. At the end of the presentation both T. Melero and A. Soehnchen agreed that while the PT sector should be prepared for security incidents, the scope for security-related tasks is limited, as the main job of a PT operator is still that of transporting people.


  • The “Intelligent Surveillance – a cornerstone on public transport security” session (Thursday, 20 February 2014) also encompassed Eduardo Ledesma’s (Metro Bilbao) presentation on the perimeter intrusion detection system that had been implemented by the Bilbao public transport operator following the SECUR-ED tests. The panel debate that followed was joined by Dr. Ron Iphofen, consultant and AG Ethical Chairman of the SECUR-ED project, who noted the need to carefully weigh risks vs. benefits of using certain security measures, due to the likelihood of being confronted by technical, organizational and public problems. The key aspect in this case is how to strike the balance between security needs and human rights issues, namely privacy and data protection. Technology by itself will never solve this conflict, only the people can. Furthermore, security staff training must include a strong ethical component in order to avoid human rights violations.


All sessions were followed by challenging Q&A sessions, during which participants had the opportunity to discuss into further detail results and future steps of the SECUR-ED project alike.
In addition, SECUR-ED project was present throughout the duration of the event with its own stand, thus offering visitors the opportunity to find out more about the project either through the dissemination materials displayed, the videos presented, or by asking supplementary information from the consortium partners (UITP, UNIFE, EOS, etc.) present during the exhibition.sovetnegгде искать поставщиков для интернет магазина

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