SECUR-ED participating in TRA 2014

The project was presented during the Transport and Research Arena 2014 (TRA) between14 and 17 April, 2014, Paris. TRA is the biggest transport research event in 2014 gathering approximately 3000 participants representing the rail, road and waterborne transport and coming from industry, public authorities and the research community as well.

SECUR-ED was presented during TRA in the following sessions:

  • Andrea Soehnchen (UITP) presented during the session “STS 9 – Security in transportation” (Monday, 14 April) the “Risk assessment in public transport” paper. It describes the progress made by the SECUR-ED partners in creating an enhanced risk assessment mechanism for public transport operators and organizing authorities in order to spot threats and come up with adequate prevention and mitigation measures.
  •  Session “STS 58 – Human factors and safety” (Thursday, 17 April) featured the “Improved stakeholder cooperation for efficient response” poster presentation by Denis Luyten (UITP). It describes efficient ways in which the public transport operators need to cooperate with the LEFR (Law Enforcement and First Responders) representatives in the case of security incidents affecting public transport.

Both sessions offered TRA participants the opportunity to discuss at length the research and innovation work done by the SECUR-ED partners in the public transport sphere.

Last but not least, the SECUR-ED project video was showcased on the ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council) stand, next to that of the European Commission.

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