SECUR-ED Advisory Board and Advisory Group Meeting in Lisbon

The 5th meeting of the SECUR-ED AG took place in conjunction with the SECUR-ED Advisory Board (AB) meeting at the beginning of May in Lisbon.

Members of the SECUR-ED AB and AG reviewed the work and progress done by the SECUR-ED partners, with a special focus on the implemented SECUR-ED demonstrations. The remaining demonstrations were subsequently discussed, together with other special topics that had been identified during the project developments: cyber security, the impact of security technologies in the public transport environment from the ethical and societal point of view, computer-based training, etc.

The meeting was also a good opportunity to draw the first conclusions on the SECUR-ED achievements, and to discuss how the work and knowledge gained by the partners can be better assessed by the stakeholders.

Last but not least, both SECUR-ED partners and external experts started analyzing solutions that would enable some of the SECUR-ED progress to outlive the project’s closure.siberia maps

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