SECUR-ED Final Conference – Brussels, 17.09.2014

On 17th of September 2014, the SECUR-ED project held its final conference in the Renaissance hotel in Brussels. Over 110 participants from around the world – both SECUR-ED partners and other stakeholder representatives attended this event.

The SECUR-ED final conference was divided into the following main parts:

1. A policy-oriented approach and vision of the topic of public transport security in general, and of the SECUR-ED project and its contributions in particular – security solutions, training, standardization initiatives, cyber security, etc. The main participants were Dr. Yves Perreal, the Project coordinator and Mr. Alain Flausch, the UITP Secretary General

2. A presentation of the SECUR-ED Tools for Training and Stakeholder Cooperation followed by a panel debate and a Q&A session; the two main topics addressed were: “Improving Stakeholder Cooperation” and “Protecting Passengers and Staff”

3. An analysis (including a panel debate and the Q&A session) of the new ways of protecting assets and managing incidents; the two main topics of debate were the “Protection of PT assets” and the “Security Incident Management”

Each of the 4 main topics (outlined under points 2 and 3) were illustrated by a dedicated SECUR-ED video, collecting stakeholders’ field experience. On this occasion, a general SECUR-ED introductory video on the project’s achievements was screened at the very beginning of the conference.

The end of conference was made up of the project general conclusions, as outlined by Thales, the project coordinator, as well as the closing remarks from the EC representative.

Furthermore, the organizers wanted to give the auditorium a “look and feel” of the SECUR-ED world. Accordingly, a number of security solutions were displayed by the project partners during the event. Conference participants thus had the chance to see some of the security solutions developed and used within SECUR-ED (e.g. CBRNE detection, cyber intrusion detection, innovative training tools, supervision solutions, etc.), and could discuss at length with the exhibiting partners during the event breaks.

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