As the SECUR-ED project was a relatively new type of project for the EU, a specific organisation was introduced for the 42 months duration.

The project was led by the coordinator Thales and managed by the Project Management Board (12 partners). The project was sub-divided into 6 main sub-projects (SP0 to SP5), which themselves were subdivided into work-packages (WP), in order to converge at the right time on key defined deliverables.

The general approach and structure to the project is illustrated in the figure adjacent.

Each sub-project had a leader and co-leader who coordinated the activities of each respective sub-project. The SPs were:

SP0 – Management

SP1 – Policies and Dissemination

SP2 – Mass Transport Security Knowledge Platform

SP3 – Capacities Integration

SP4 – Integration and Implementation

SP5 – Deployment and Performance Assessment

Further information on each SP can be found by visiting the specific sub-project page.


Key Dates

Project Start: April 1st 2011                   

Project End: September 30th 2014

Project Duration: 42 Months