SP1 – Policies and Dissemination

Leader: UITP
Co-Leader: UNIFE

This Sub-Project provided a consolidated perspective of the SECUR-ED project to the outside world. It included all awareness raising activities, the organisation of Advisory Groups and Board, and all related dissemination activities and events.

The main objectives of Sub-Project 1 were:

This Sub-Project was divided into three work-packages detailed below which will ensure the achievement of these objectives.

WP11 – Policies, Regulation, Technical Guidelines and Standardisation: Consolidating policies, proposing technical recommendations and guidelines, recommending to the EU Commission the key topics of mass transportation security ready for further initiatives.

WP12 – Management of Advisory Groups and Coordination with the Advisory Board: Setting up and management of Advisory Groups and Advisory Board to ensure a close cooperation with the project and promote consensus.

WP13 – Dissemination: Spreading the results of the project to all relevant stakeholders in the public transport sector in Europe.