SP2 – Mass Transport Security Knowledge Platform

Leader: FOI
Co-Leader: MTRS3

It was the overarching objective of SP2 to develop a framework, which allowed generalising inputs from different cultures, disciplines, business and operational structures and models, technological environments and perceived threat levels. In other words this meant to enable industries developing novel security modules, and integrating them into the operators’ legacy systems and organisational structures, as well as to help operators setting the right requirements for such upgrading programmes. We called this framework a mass transport security knowledge platform.

In addition to the platform being a deliverable in its own right, the early versions of it guided and assisted the other SPs in defining their demonstrations as well as in capturing the results from the demonstrations (and the simulation and experimentation activities necessary in preparing them) in formats suitable for the final assessment and validation phase of SECUR-ED.

This sub-project was split into three work-packages, these were:

WP21 – Overall Approach for Security Operations: Analysis of current situation of public mass transport security and proposal of an approach for security and emergency arrangements.

WP22 – Interoperability of Security Capacities in Public Urban Transport: Aiming to provide a generic technical system-of-systems architecture based on the concept of Interoperability.

WP23 – Modeling and Simulation Platform:
Demonstrating the feasibility and utility of a simulation and modeling framework for mass transport security.колокольчики детские купитьhow to categorize personal expenses