SP3 – Capacities Integration

Leader: Bombardier
Co-Leader: ATM

The scope of SP3 was to assess existing capacities (technologies, procedures, rules and policies, resources, etc.) which were integrated within the four main demonstrations or within the smaller and more specific satellite demonstrations. SP3 ensured that these capacities’ integration took into account the very nature of mass transit operation, characterized by many access points, frequent stops, large geographical areas to cover, millions of passengers and large fleet of vehicles of different type (bus, tramway, metro). At the same time, it made sure that the best practices from the railway and bus markets were taken into account and that state-of-the art technologies coming from other related industries – such as telecom, IT, security, etc. – were considered. As the project developed a holistic view, where new systems had to interface seamlessly with existing capacities in order to create a system of system, gaps between new and old capacities have been identified and eliminated.

WP31 – Preparedness: Developing studies, procedure and applied handbooks for managing and planning operations.

WP32 – Infrastructure and Physical Protection and Resilience: Improving the overall protection, hardening and resilience of existing and new infrastructures of mass transportation through integrated solutions.

WP33 – Video Related Analysis and Detection: Providing the interoperable technological modules that allowed demonstrations of how advanced usage of digital video-surveillance can improve security in public transportation systems.

WP34 – CRBN-E Sensors: Providing the necessary sensor systems for CBRN-E detection in modular subsets for smooth integration in the demonstrations

WP35 – Information Management and Communication: Delivering the capacities related to the overall exchange of information between the different PT actors.

WP36 – Preventative and Early Intervention: Developing an intelligent incident prevention and early warning system by using information from multiple sources of different types.

WP37 – Restoration of Activities: Developing tools for planning and decision making in threat, emergency and crisis situations.

WP38 – Training and Simulation: Defining a transferable competence and training framework that could be applied to enhance the level of security in any public transport system.определение хайппрограмма партнерская