SP4 – Integration and Implementation

Leader: Ansaldo STS
Co-Leader: CRTM

The objective of SP4 was to integrate and demonstrate the capacities developed in SP3, through an “exhaustive” set of scenarios, showing that the capacities were easy to integrate, versatile, interoperable and even interchangeable. The scenarios and the demonstration proposed were:

In particular, SP4 aimed at demonstrating that given a security performance target:

WP41 – Architecture and Interoperability: Defining software, network and telecommunication architecture as well as a set of common interfaces.

WP42 – Madrid Demonstration: see Madrid demonstration details.

WP43 – Paris Demonstration: see Paris demonstration details.

WP44 – Milan Demonstration: see Milan demonstration details.

WP45 – Berlin Demonstration: see Berlin demonstration details.

WP46 – Demonstration Results Consolidation:  The results from the demonstrations were analysed and evaluated in order to merge the resulting information which can be addressed by the main scope of the project.