SP5 – Deployment and Performance Assessment

Leader: Alstom
Co-Leader: RATP

The SP5 was at the core of the project as it aimed at applying security technologies and methods
demonstrated in SP4 to a broader group of urban transport systems in order to ascertain the general applicability of SECUR-ED results to the target population (European city regions with population greater than 0.5m). SP5 implemented the methods and capacities defined by SP2 and SP3 on several cases for mass transit operators, either partners of the project or selected for their representativeness, in order to collect feedback and to assess the validity of the methods and the efficiency of the capacities.

WP51 – Deployment Methodology and Coordination:  Providing a practical deployment methodology and guidelines for risk management to realise the satellite demonstrations.

WP52 – Risk Management Application to Additional Operators: Applying the resulting SECUR-ED guidance to 9 transit operators with a special focus on mid-size ones.

WP53 – Satellite Demonstrations: Demonstrating that SECUR-ED capacities, developed in SP3 and validated in SP4, were effectively reusable in multiple operators’ economical and societal contexts.

WP54 – Performance Benchmarking: Identifying the most promising capacities and methods based on a cost-effectiveness perspective, and to assess their potential from a security improvement perspective.

WP55 – Best Practice Materials: Summarizing previous tasks and drawing from WP54, in order to establish the answers to “how, when, where, what and by who” best practices.